Monday, 9 June 2014

Discovering yourself

A capacity building programme was organized by Dr. Blessing to empower teenagers for self-awareness and self-management in order to fast-track self-development and competence in life and academic/career pursuit.

Dr. Blessing says, "life is a seed, whatever you put in, that you will get". Every man has got a level of abilities and talents naturally embedded in him (or her) by God. Notwithstanding, those talents need fine-tuning, those skills need sharpening, those abilities need enhancement. A raw cassava makes no dietary sense until it is processed into whatever product the user desires - farina, flour, starch or tapioca. As a matter of fact, the raw state is poisonous, consumption prior to processing can be life threatening.
Before one can talk about enhancing capacity or acquiring a skill, the first step is to discover what he has natural ability or flare for; he needs to discover himself, what his strengths and weaknesses are and what he has passion for. It is expedient. The reason why a lot of people are not productive is simply because, they engage in activities - jobs and businesses they have no passion for, they only try to survive, earn a living and manage whatever they could lay their hands - this is not the best. Young people need to start on time to chart their course with their purpose road maps in place. They need to know on time what they want to be in life and get adequate guidance. The moment one discovers his purpose and flare in life, he heads on developing himself to be competitive and stand very relevant in his time. He needs to occupy his rightful niche in this world, bring about change and make a huge difference standing out because his is aware of who he is. Self-awareness is quite an indispensable aspect of capacity building, it seems the first rung on the ladder of life.
Life is all about relationships - vertical or horizontal, which ever way, a CEO can not operate effectively without a secretary who in turn needs a messenger or other administrative staff. Personality differences impact job performances, passion at work, innovative/creative abilities, team building and patriotic commitment to service (especially when political). Developing oneself includes, strengthening one's weaknesses and building on one's strengths. Adjusting these personality traits positively, fine-tunes one's behaviour and attitude to life for better and effective relationships and performances (even team performance). The young people need to be aware of these components of successful living and  career accomplishment.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The World Environment Day: Are you part of it?

Register Your Activity Today and Be Counted

How will you make your voice heard this year for the environment? The call this year is to recognize that we all face the same challenges and are connected and united by our common goal of a sustainable and prosperous life for all on this planet. The call is to raise our voice in solidarity with one another, particularly with the citizens of the small island states. Whether it is to  organize clean up campaigns, food waste reduction initiatives, walk-to-work days, plastic bans, art exhibits, tree-planting drives, concerts, dance recitals, recycling drives, social media campaigns www.agroenvirotourism.blogspot.comand different contests  - every action counts. When multiplied by a global chorus, our individual voices and actions become exponential in its impact.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Discipline: Indispensable for successful living (career)

"He'll not get anywhere with himself, he's got no discipline!"
This is an example cited in the oxford advanced learner's dictionary where it defined DISCIPLINE.
Dr. Mrs. Blessing Okogbue had a talk with the youth of the Higher Ground Chapel of the RCCG, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State on the 2nd of June, 2014. She spoke to the youth as a mentor, advising them to imbibe discipline as a way of life, if they want to go far in life and in an insurmountable speed.